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Storing purchased games?

Honored Guest


I just have a question.

I'm planning to buy All-in-one 256 GB Oculus Quest 2. What if I purchased the game and installed it. Is there a way to store or back up the installed games in an external USB hard drive so when I delete the game from my Oculus Quest 2 in case I free up space for installing other games, so can I restore the purchased game again or do I have to purchase it again?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there!


If you uninstall a game or app on the Quest, it is stored in your account on the Oculus servers. If you delete a game to free up space, you can always redownload the game again at a later date.


So when you are ready to play it again, you can go into your Library and reinstall it. Feel free to reply to this if you have any other questions or concerns!

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