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Streaming to Facebook Game Creator Page

Level 2
So this might be a little odd. I have my normal Facebook page that I used to register/signup on my Oculus Quest. I later then created a Game Creator page and I cannot figure out how to stream to that page. Anyone have any idea on this ?

Level 2
I have the same question. It's so goofy! The options are to stream to my news feed or to a group, but why not to my Game Creator page?

Level 3
still not a thing, it makes absolutely no sense for a product of the facebook platform to not support it's own platform... I have yet to find a way to do this either and it's rather frustrating...

Level 4
Fully in support of this. I've been reviewing and live streaming on facebook for quite some time and find that this is a really strange ommission on the quest.

Love the streaming to facebook profile and groups, it works really well, and having the comments pop through is brilliant. It's exactly how I want it to work, but it should absolutely include pages. 

With Facebook Gaming's push for creators to join the platform, it's just very odd that this isn't currently possible. There are ways of making it happen, through casting and laptop OBS (which I use for my console gaming streams) but then I'd not be able to see any of the comments and that engagement is the main thing I look for in a stream

Level 3

I am having issues seeing the comments and viewers. I see the box that shows me who is watching and commenting, but the views stay at zero and no comments come through. Even though I know they are there. Via my phone as confirmation. 

i found a way to get visual usin streamlabs to my facebook gamin page but audio is the challenge i cant seem to figure out how to make it work with the video