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Level 2

I am getting an oculus 2, I have access to a large outdoor space that is very well shaded with maybe only a little light poking through the trees. I was wondering if I would need to worry about sunlight hitting the outside of the headset as well, or if I only need to worry about sunlight hitting the inside of the headset through the lenses.


The risk is from sunlight getting through the lenses onto the LCD screen behind. Sunlight on the rest of the headset shouldn't be an issue.


The question is though, can you be 100% sure that sunlight will always be kept off the lenses? It can only take a second of direct, strong sunlight to damage the display. How diligent / lucky do you feel?

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Its true it only takes the one unlucky blast of the sun on those lenses to ruin the unit. 

There is a user on the forum right now complaining he walked past a window inside his own house where the sun was shining through and somehow managed to hit that sweet spot ruining his Quest. What are the odds of that. So its really not worth tempting fate IMHO .