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THX sound on the Quest 2

Heroic Explorer

I have long wanted Razer to provide some sort of solution for THX on Quest as RAZER has done for PC through software.

THX Launches DAC/Amplifier THX Onyx™ to Empower Crystal Clear Audio for Consumers Around the Globe (...


Now that this thing exists, I wonder if the headset could even do audio from its USB-C.


Any thoughts?



i wouldn't expect a usb-c dac, going to work with quest / quest2.


The biggest problem with the quest 2 it doesn't have enough power to drive audio, additionally the sounds and media files most likely are heavily compressed.  Even if an external dac could be hooked to it, it wouldn't have much use as the source data is just serviceable enough for the games and apps designed for the unit. 

Was my suspicions as well.

My wish would be a RAZER app or something because THX really makes it come alive through LINK with PC.


Also Realistically Dacs are kind of waste of money when it comes to computers if your buying anything from say like razer, soundblaster and PC-gaming companies.