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The walking dead - saved data with uninstall/reinstall?

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Quick question is if it's safe to uninstall and reinstall The walking dead saints and sinners without losing game progress? It should all be in the cloud, right? I've been googling/searching but mostly find reddit posts that doesn't really answer my concerns.


The probable cause/bug:

So yesterday I looked around in the experimental settings to find the activate several accounts options that I tried in order to see if it would be worth having since I let others play on my headset. Having limited access to facebook account like messenger would be nice. I also activated the unlock pattern feature when doing this. However, after doing that I could no longer play saints and sinners (it shows cloud sync but gets stuck at three loading dots). I've done several power off/on, restarts, tried opening from accomplishments, removed accounts feature, reset experimental features, removed unlock pattern etc.


Onward was the same, I reinstalled and now have a clean new version of it. Beat saber had purchases but needed to download songs again. Since both me and my brother have progress on saints and sinners I'd like to know if I can fix this in any other way without a reinstall or if I might loose progress if I try to reinstall.


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Update: I reinstalled and everything was lost. Not "the end of the world" so to speak but slightly annoying to loose all progress only for trying out a seemingly non-related setting. Would be nice to be able to reinstall the game without loosing progess data, or to move progress data.

Holy **bleep** I just uninstalled it to fix it after it was being wierd after a update and now my 200+ hour save is gone 😖