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To Oculus Staff: Oculus Business is letting down very large potential customers! Please respond.

Level 3
I have filled the form on the Oculus Business many times over the last few weeks but have not received a single answer. Not even an automated response.  Is Oculus Business actually in business? What is going on? Can someone please answer and tell us what we should do to contact a sales rep? I know I am not the only one. 

Level 2
I have had exactly the same experience. I am trying to order 30 Oculus Quest 2 for business, no response over the last 6 weeks. Time and money are running out.

Level 3
We are having the same issue and have been trying for months now. We have also tried through their normal support and asked why we can not sign up for their business program. They do not want to answer this! Sadly we will soon have to find another headset supplier for our solutions.

Level 2
Hi, Have you guys heard back from Oculus ?