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Total Noob!

Level 2
I just picked up the Quest 2 for flight sims and racing sims. I've updated the software.  I have it hooked up to my PC via link.  I have the Oculus app on my PC.  I'm having big trouble and can't figure out why VR isn't working properly.  My PC specs are more than sufficient to run VR (I have i7, Win10, 16GB RAM, and a RTX 2080 card).  Here is what is happening:

When I try to run DCS, I see the hangar in my VR headset and the jet.  I also see the menu screen to set up the flight. But when I try to start the flight, all of a sudden the VR screen is on my PC monitor screen!  On the VR headset I'm still waiting. 

When I try to run IL2, I don't see any visuals from the sim in my VR headset, but the game sound is there.  WTF?  Yes, VR is enabled in the sim.  

Any  help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.           

Level 8
Are you enabling oculus link via the headset?