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Trying to get into 2 Player mode on the Path of the Warrior

Level 4

Hey everyone!


Hope ya are all doing well. Just found out my neighbors teenage has a Quest 2 like me. We got to talking about games and want to try a 2 payer version of the Path of the Warrior. I have it installed on my headset. What needs to happen to get it so we can play together on this game? We each have our own headsets on our own accounts. I have the game. Does he need it as well?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Peace


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @PismoJay805, that's so cool you discovered you can play with your neighbor! He will also need to purchase and download the game so you can play together. If he needs the link to purchase or if you would like to gift it to him, here is the link to the game on

Ill probably buy it for him, hes in high school and $$ tight over there for them.  Can you fill me in on what else needs to happen? how to go about it? Do we need to be FB friends? How about gifting the game to him? Do I need to be his FB friend or just know his Oculus name? Sorry for so many questions, but Im kinda of excited to be able to do this. hes a good kid, lost his dad a few years ago, I lost mine at 15 so I can totally relate to what hes dealing with. Now im in a position to kind of be a big brother to him so Im glad we found something to bond with.


Anyways, sorry I get distracted, just wanted to fill you in on his backstory. Thank you for the quick response by the way

Hey, no worries! We are here to answer your questions. We're so sorry to hear about your loss. It's really kind of you to step in as a big brother for your neighbor. Let's get you two gaming together! 


If you go to the link we previously provided you will see the option to "Buy for a friend" and you'll select this option. In order to gift the game you will need your neighbor's email address so he can receive it. After he receives it, he will need to locate the game in the Oculus store and select "Redeem gift". There he will be prompted to enter the gift code he received in his email. Once the gift is redeemed he will be able to add it to his library.


You can add him as a friend to your Oculus account by following these steps on our public support site. When you go into the game, select Play, then Multiplayer, and you should have an option to play with your friend.


We are always here if you need us! 😊

So once I add him, can we play from our own houses or do we need to be on the same wifi network?

Hello there! Yes, you need to add him first and if the game is compatible with two players, you will be able to play from your own house. There's no need for been on the same WiFi network. See you in VR!