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USB 3.0 doesn't work

Level 2
I have a usb 3.0 type C and when i connect the usb to my laptop via "oculus link" this detect the cable as USB2.0 when it is not USB2.0 if not USB 3.0.
I know the cable its USB 3.0 because i tried to connect the cable to a friend's laptop via "oculus link" and his Pc detect the clabe as USB 3.0 (2Gb/s) my in my laptop its detected as USB 2.0 (300mb/s)...

You may can say : its a Usb controller driver fail, you must to update it...   I already update several times de Chipset of my Motherboard and Bios drivers and all the rest of controllers, i tried also update the usb port via "device manager" and it still not working....

So where can be the problem?