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USB 3.0 type C adapter for type A

Level 2
My PC doesn't have a type C USB port. Will the Quest 2 still work with a adapter to convert the type c to a type a?

Level 7
As long as you get the correct adapter, yes.  Some will only do USB 2 and some, like the one I mistakenly used, only pass power.  Also, if you buy one marked as USB 3 and it shows up as USB 2 flip the C connector around; some will only do full speed in one orientation.
Quest 1, i5-8600K at 4.7 GHz, eVGA 1080 ti FTW3, Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming, 16 GB 3200 MHz

Level 5
im using the anker cable with type c on one end and type a on the other.  works fine  no adapter needed.