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Been working with oculus support on this one- the last thing they wanted me to do is uninstall my security and oculus app then reinstall the oculus app and plug it in and run it - well it still disconnected- when I went on the headset to click on “accept” it disconnects 😳 - that was the problem I was having, connected fine on the computer but when I went on the headset to click “except” it would disconnect- so (just playing around) I went into settings on the headset and saw “USB CONNECTION DIALOG” and shut it OFF - went to connect again and WA LA -IT WORKS!!!🙏🙏🙏🥰 FINALLY, I knew it wasn’t the computer because everything is well over what they recommend -now I can download steam and test this baby out. 😃😃😃👍 - don’t get me wrong by removing the McPhee that they suggested probably also helped -also I learned a lot.