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Update Broke Everything

Level 2

Before the update, all was well. I could use Link Cable, Desktop streamer, whatever and it was beautiful and smooth in High Def.


Now after then update no matter what I do, it's all garbage. Super lag, stuttering, graphics so pixelated that half the graphics are just dead black squares, crashing back to Oculus home 80% of the time, etc.

But oh the headset runs perfect with anything inside itself, no issues. WTF Oculus? Is there a fix for all this crap? Or are you trying to sneakily remove link support?

Cable is brand new, all drivers on pc are up to date, my specs are at recommended not minimum, the Oculus itself updated automatically (without permission), I even factory reset the headset and reinstalled the Oculus app on my pc.

So it is NONE of those, don't bother suggesting.


Same issue...bought this as a hybrid, not as a stand alone. 
Air Link is broken as well.
Thankfully, there's an alternative called Virtual Desktop 😛


Level 2

Same problem. Reported it in VR. Everything outside of the Ovulus software is a broken mess.