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Update changed my unlock pattern

Level 3

My quest updated and changed the unlock pattern. The dots used to be arranged differently, so now I can't enter my unlock pattern because they changed the layout. How do I get into my quest?! It says to reset the pattern go into settings > more settings on the oculus app, but there is no settings option in the app.


Level 2

I had this. Just change the settings on the linked phone or iPad.

What settings?

Level 2

In the app on your phone/iPad go to devices and remove pattern 

What? How? There's no option to remove pattern.

Level 2

Go to devices, headset settings, unlock pattern

it must be your linked phone

There was no unlock pattern option. When I tried to connect to my headset it asked for my pattern. I ended up having to reset my quest and start from scratch. Oculus, please don't change the unlock pattern without disabling it first, it locked me out of my quest.