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Updates not installing after days

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I started initializing updates for three of my programs. Supernatural was the first one and after three days is still saying “installing“. Saber is doing the same thing and so are two other of my favorite programs. Two of them are in queue. I have searched everywhere I have contacted Oculus and I am a new client. I love the workouts however the software issues are difficult to solve. Not only that but in supernatural I am never on the scoreboard my score boards aren’t showing even though I have friends. My workouts don’t show almost as if I’m not doing them daily and I have been working six days a week approximately two hours a day in multiple program settings.  Can anyone help? Should I uninstall and then install again the same programs? Seems to me a fair amount of money is going out for these programs to use them and they don’t work. Suggestions? If anyone knows how to uninstall and install please let me know. Thank you very much  ELAINE


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Thank you, but how do you know it's the servers?