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Use Oculus Quest2 to watch panoramic video dual images

1. Open the VR video in your media file or play it online in your browser
2. Select 360 ° or 180°(3D) mode
3. Then there are repeated images.
4. Pull the trigger and open the video control bar.The viewing experience is normal.
5. Wait 5 seconds.After the video control bar hides automatically, the duplicate image occurs again.
Simply put, when you have a video control bar, all the viewing experience is great except that the video control bar itself affects viewing.
6. It will appear in the following applications and websites
When viewed directly, there is no video control bar and the image is repeated again.This can also happen when a video is played online in a browser.I suspect the image is too close to me, so we should come up with a plan to adjust the distance between the image and the eyes.Please pay attention to this problem, I am not the only one who has this problem!! (And copy-and-paste capabilities)

输入您的评论I wanted Quest2 to have a way to control how far and how near the screen is, to move the screen away from it a little bit, so there wouldn't be double images