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Use WiFi for Internet and LAN Only for Airlink




I recently bought a second Quest 2 and a router for Airlink while traveling. Airlink is working fine, but my laptop is trying to use the Ethernet connection to the router for internet instead of the hotel WiFi. I am connected to the hotel WiFi and it is showing connected to the internet in network properties. Is there any way to force the laptop to use the WiFi for internet and only use the Ethernet connection for local data transfer/Airlink?


The simplest way would be to just disable your wifi adapter when using Airlink, although you wouldn't have internet access then.

If you want to keep both active at the same time you'd need to remove the default gateway from the wired connection IP configuration, either by removing it from the DHCP server on your router (may not be possible) or by assigning suitable static IP addressing on the laptop.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, although we love free Wi-Fi it can be dangerous for your device, please stick to your router as the hotel Wi-Fi will be slower and not enough coverage to run your device in full. If you wish to play with the free Wi-Fi please disconnect your router. 


Hope this helps! 

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Thank you for the response. My laptop is connected to the WiFi and my personal router simultaneously and Airlink is working great. The problem is that The internet isn’t working even though I am showing connected to both and the hotel WiFi is showing connected to the internet. So I can use Airlink and play offline, but for Microsoft Flight Sim I have to have internet access to stream the ground textures.


 I will try to assign the static IP as I don’t think the Dlink router I bought will allow me to remove the DHCP. Thanks again and will see how it goes tonight.