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Used Oculus Quest controller question

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I want to buy a used Oculus Quest 1 because a brand new one in my country is 700$. If you're shocked, find that it costs that much because Oculus doesn't ship to my country.


I found a Quest 1 headset that I can actually afford, but one of the controllers has a hair-thin crack. Do you guys think the tracking still works? The guy says both controllers work. Sadly, I can't verify it before because the guy who wants to give it to me lives some 5 hours away.

Have you had slight cracks on your controllers? Did they work after?


Honored Guest

I've never had a crack in my controller but ask him to send a video from the quest of him playing a game or something to at least see if the tracking looks okay. You could also look for a replacement controller with no crack if you'd like