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V34 and Oculus Link issues


Since V34 installed itself, it stopped Oculus link from working.

It is not my computer as it was fine moments before.

I did all the suggested work arounds ( verified USB 3.0, latest graphic, etc...) though it is in the update itself. I have 2 systems that I run the Q2 on in link and they both stopped at the same time. 

Link software in headset crashes every time. Denying storage access and other so called temporary fixes are useless. Please fix the V34 Link issue ASAP as this has caused great frustrations on so many levels!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there zrileys, we always want to make sure players can play the games they want. We'll do our absolute best to you back into the game again and get your Oculus experience up to 100%! Below I've outlined some troubleshooting steps you could try to ease any potential link issues.



Are there any updates to Windows/GPU/USB?


Sometimes there may be outdated drivers or pending updates that could interfere with the Link and its performance. I've included a guide on how to check for updates to your drivers here! The article is titled for Rift/Rift S but applies to Quest/Quest 2 as well.


For Windows, there's an article on how to check for updates here!


If updates are found for either, make sure you restart your PC once they are complete, then try to use Link again.



Game Mode may conflict with some VR applications.


In Windows 10, there is a feature called "Game Mode". Game Mode appears to reduce or eliminate background processes and focuses performance on the active game. This could interfere with the Oculus software, as it needs multiple processes running simultaneously to function properly. Try disabling Game Mode, then attempt using Link again.

  • Open the Windows Settings menu
  • Click on Gaming
  • Click Game Mode
  • Toggle Game Mode off


Submit a Support Ticket.


Collect Oculus Diagnostic Logs and submit them in a support ticket here so that we may look over them and confirm any conflicting software, PC/System updates and inconsistencies.



If you have any questions, we'd be happy to help! Cheers!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

Thanks for the avoidance to the issue. It has nothing to do with the PC's. 

It is a V34 update issue. It was working perfectly 30 minutes before the headset decided to update itself. 

Both PC's no longer recognize the headset in V34 so that only means it's a V34 issue. Get your team on resolving this issue in the V34 please. The issue is in the headset since the update. It was absolutely fine on both systems 30 minutes before. 

Hey there zrileys, thanks for your response. We definitely understand both of your quest 2's link capabilities are no longer functioning after the V34 update. In order to get a better idea of how the issue is affecting you, please let us know that you've completed the troubleshooting steps above and submitted a support ticket with us here. Please include your Oculus Log files so that we may look over them and get to the bottom of this and see what the issue could be. Cheers!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

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have you got yours to work


No. It is a V34 issue

I figured as much

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I can confirm wired Link breaking for me with V34 (and also V35 PTC), but in my case, it's with a specific USB controller.


I have an official Link cable (C-to-C), a passive C-to-A adapter, and an ASUS X470-PRIME PRO motherboard (which is unique in that it has a built-in separate USB controller that isn't part of the chipset). I've tested all situations also with flipping the C-end around.


With V34:

  • If I use the cable with the motherboard's C port directly, Windows fails to recognize the USB device
  • If I use the cable with any Ryzen-controlled A port (via C-to-A adapter), Windows fails to recognize the USB device
  • If I use the cable with either port from the ASMedia-controlled A ports (via C-to-A adapter), Link works fine just as it did on previous Quest firmware versions
  • If I use the cable with a PCI-E Renesas USB 3.0 card (via C-to-A adapter), Link works fine

Basically, whatever changed in the Quest firmware with V34, it breaks any kind of usability with Ryzen-controlled USB ports in my case, but seemingly is fine with other USB controllers.


And unrelated, but V27 Quest firmware if I recall right also caused power delivery from my USB-C port on my motherboard to stop working. So from V27-V33, trying to use the Link cable with my motherboard's C port would work fine, but the headset battery would die within 2 hours since no power was being provided.


My only other USB-C device is an external hard drive, and I can confirm it works fine in all situations above and gets power delivery over the C port directly.

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