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VR Gaming if Oculus server down?


As most will know, the Facebook server and with it Oculus VR was down earlier today. First I knew was when I tried to enable Oculus Link to start a VR session in the flight simulator X-Plane 11, on my PC: what I got was a black screen in Oculus Link telling me there was no internet connection. I didn't go any further and went to see where the problem was (not my end, it turned out).


Had I gone on to enable VR mode in X-Plane, would it have worked? Was Oculus Link actually working in spite of the 'No Internet Connection' notice? If not, does that mean that my using my Oculus Quest 2 to game in VR mode on my PC (I'm connected with a cable) is dependent on the Oculus server running? I am fairly new to this, but had assumed that so long as my headset was connected to my PC, that's all I would need, internet or no. How does this all work exactly?




(Oh, I also found that the Oculus app on my phone would not connect to my home wifi: kept getting a red error on the phone 'something went wrong -try again). Is that another consequence of the Facebook server being down somehow? Why would the Oculus phone app need the Oculus server active in order to link to my home wifi?).