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Vulkan Video very slow

I have a project with several video files that are played on a screen in game. The videos are 1280x720 H.264 MP4 with stereo sound. I'm using the Unreal engine and everything works perfectly when I build to ES3.1 but when I do a Vulkan build the framerate drops to ~53 fps during video playback. I've tried 32 and 63bit builds with the same results. Anyone else have video to texture issues with Vulkan?

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Hi, I've just spent half my day on this issue, I'm not an expert in Unreal but can confirm there is a massive difference between Vulkan and OpenGL ES3.1
Hopefully this saves someone some time 🙂

Oculus Quest 1
UE 4.25.3
Vulkan - 17 FPS
OpenGL ES3.1 - 72 FPS
Tested on industry-standard professional 360 video (3840x1920 h264 mp4)
Using Unreal MediaPlayer & a flipped normal sphere

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This problem still exists, is this a problem with the quest in specific or does anyone know if it’s an android think or a bug with Vulkan directly?! 🤔