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Watched 20+ videos on setting up wireless PC play and still confused. Quest 2

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So I've got a Quest 2 on order. Upgrading from CV1. I want to play wirelessly if I can. I basically understand the principle of using wifi but I have some concerns and I am not sure which method is best for me. 

The most common suggestion online is just use your 5Ghz band ISP wifi. Unfortunately my ISP standard router is being used heavily by my family on TV's and Laptops. So just using this wont work for me. 

The second most common suggestion is just buy a wifi 6 router and plug it into your PC. However my PC's only ethernet port (X570 Taichi) is being used to connect to my ISP router directly. And I don't want to connect my PC to "the internet" via wifi for obvious reasons.  So that won't work for me either.

So what do I do? My Motherboard comes with WIFI 6, can I use this? I haven't seen this done at all on the videos I have watched. 

Can I buy a PCIe ethernet card and plug a WIFI 6 router into that?
Can I shortcut that and buy a PCIe WIFI 6 card and just use that? Is that as good as a dedicated standalong WIFI 6 router.

Basically I want the maximum quality possible over wireless and don't really want to compromise on that if possible. Don't mind spending the cash to achive that within reason. 

Thank you all in advance. 


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Head over to this discord group, they will help you get everything working.  It’s actually quite easy to do.

Buy a wifi6 wireless access point and, if it only has a single ethernet port, a small (minimum 3-port) gigabit ethernet switch as well. Unplug the ethernet cable from your PC and plug the cable into the switch, which should be close to your PC. Using a separate cable, plug your PC into the switch as well. With another cable, plug the wifi6 device into the switch too.


Now, you have your PC still wired to the internet via your router but you also have a fast, dedicated wifi signal for your Quest, and AirLink should be as good as it can be.