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We have two headsets, how to play games together, what is the exact process to make that happen?

Level 4

Both A and B Oculus Quest 2 headsets are set up on A's Facebook.  Both headsets have added the 2nd user with his Facebook.  So we family share the game.  A, as the Primary headset, has turned on the experimental allow multiple players thing, and turned on the App sharing thing on the user list window.  Both headsets show the same games shared by A.  Headset A logs in with the Primary user, headset B logs in on secondary user, then what?  I also reversed that with A logging in as the secondary user, and B logging in with the primary user.  Now what do I click on, what is the process to be on the same golf game??  HOW do we make it so we can play mini golf together.  I have no idea what to click on to do that and have spent two days watching YouTube how-to videos and trying everything I can think of.  Assume it is a different process than doing the Invite in the game with a non-sharing user you are inviting to play.  Please help!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, libby! We found a forum thread that could help point you in the right direction! It is also dependent on the game as to if it supports it. We hope this helps. 🙂