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Weird Glitchy Homescreen and Resetting View Messed Up

My Oculus Quest was doing this thing where whenever I held the Oculus button for three seconds, instead of resetting my view, it froze the screen, when I moved my head, wherever I wasn’t looking when I held the button was black, and after a few seconds, it fixes and goes back to the place it was before, not where I tried to make it when I held the button. One time, when it was glitching, I pressed the home button, and the home loaded fine, everything looked fine, except for the menu. The menu had the grey background like normal in the shape of a square, except it was strips of cutoffs of logos. I reset my Quest and it was fine, but after a while it does the holding-Oculus-button-glitch-thing and I have to turn off my headset and turn it back on. Anyone else have this problem?

I have the same issue when I wake it from standby. It only started happening when it could detect objects on the floor in the play space.