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What size frames should I get to fit in the Oculus Quest 2?

Level 2
I would like to get prescription glasses to fit inside my Oculus Quest 2, since I can't get + prescription lens.  What are the interior dimensions of the Quest 2 and are there any coatings I should get, such as anti-glare? 

Level 8
I don’t remember the max dimensions, but I recall seeing them somewhere when Oculus emailed me (they linked to a basic “oculus/glasses wearing” page so I’m sure you could find it). Whatever you do, definitely get these as well (link below). Don’t risk scratching your expensive glasses and lens (can’t replace the Quest lens). 

As for anti glare and all that, I personally get anti glare on all my glasses (fellow person with very bad vision), and I imagine it helps with the even more glary nature of VR vs a standard monitor. Luckily my eyes were JUST within the range I could get prescription inserts for, but before that I did ruin a VR set with glasses, even though I was using the spacer. Plus with the rubber rings (below) you can get your eyes/glasses closer without fear of ruining anything, and closer eyes means bigger FOV