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When I am playing at 100% Quest 2 charge, do I still need to have the ES battery pack connected?

Level 2

This might be a question that has been asked before, but I couldn't find the exact answer. So I got the battery pack elite strap few days ago, and I was curious if I should ALWAYS have it connected to my Quest 2 via the small cable, even if the Quest 2 is at 100% charge? I mean will the battery inside the Quest 2 degrade due to it being connected to a battery pack all the time? For instance, we don't leave our phones charging using a battery pack after it has reached 100%.


Also, I disconnect the cable when I put it back in the case and I am done with playing. Is that how it should be? Or again, should I keep the cable connected, so that it keeps it charged to 100% for the next play session? But then, the same question. It will stay connected for several hours/couple of days until I switch it back on again. 


Level 3

It's a smart device like smart phones so you can leave the battery pack connected and if you don't then it's just an elite strap that's a bit heavier .