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When is oculus going to fix 25/26 update?


3 weeks after update 25 and i still got issues, like:

- menu lag

- guardian lag

- game crashes

- problem with downloading games

- worse wifi connection

- low fps in menu

Anyone knows when oculus is going to fix it?


Heroic Explorer

They already released v27 on PTC.

That version isn't up for me yet and I have PTC on, did i do something wrong or do i just have to wait?
Edit: It is up for me, i'm just a dumbass and didn't check.


When Rift S was released, it got constant snow noise screen every few minutes, the problem affecting all users. Oculus know this issue but still released the device on May 2019. The problem was fixed after September 2019, four months to fix a P0 bug. 


When Oculus Link went to public beta on Nov 2019, it has a microphone bug that the Oculus Virtual Audio Device microphone simply no sound at all. A lot of user complained about this, the temporary solution is to let any software use the Oculus Virtual Audio Device before turning on Oculus Link. This bug is still there in latest v26 software, happens on both Quest and Quest 2. Seems Oculus will never fix it. 3rd party streaming solution never have such big issue never fixed.


So I never expect Oculus to fix any bug soon, just hope they create less new bugs in next release. 


BTW they don't read threads in this forum, if you seriously want to complain, raise a ticket.