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Where can i buy QUEST 2 ELITE STRAP?

Level 2
Where can i buy quest 2 elite strap?
I'm search for it everywhere but is not available  :'(
Please help me.


Level 5
you dont wanna buy it now. seems there is a design flaw causing them to snap which is likely why it is no longer available. hopefully they are fixing it now

Level 13
i have seen a bunch at walmart.

Not applicable
Be happy.
You dodged a bullet for now.

Level 4
I got one from amazon uk.. and it should arrive november 2, but I think I will return it as I get it because I had reports that It breaks
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Level 11
I would not touch these straps with a barge pole, instead go grab a cheap knock off of the Vive deluxe strap from ebay then go grab a franken Das mod kit, that way at least you know your getting a quality product for your cash......just waiting for my kit as we speak to try my Vive deluxe strap on ths Q2.
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There are also variations of these on Amazon made for the Quest

Level 9
Here's one for the Quest 2 🙂
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