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Why does Oculus Customer support take so long to respond to warranty issues?

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It has been nine days since I opened a ticket for two bad controllers. I have provided all of the required information to them twice. The last time was 72 hours after their last response. I am starting to get concerned enough to ask someone to contact them on my behalf.

When I sent a message to find out when my issue would be resolved, I got a response from a person who was not the original customer service representative saying the original representative was out of the office. Afterwards, I was asked for the same information that I previously provided in the thread of original messages (serial numbers and invoice), three days prior. I provided the information and have not heard back since. How much longer will I have to wait for my controller issues to get resolved?

Level 9

It's very strange that both controllers have failed simultaneously. What is the problem exactly? Did you troubleshoot the problem with Oculus support before submitting a warranty claim?

Is it a Quest 1 or 2? Where did you purchase the device from? Did the controllers ever work, or did they suddenly stop? Are you aware that the controllers become unresponsive after 24 hours and require the removal of the batteries? Have you tried replacing the batteries with fresh ones? Are the batteries in the right way (the end with the protrusion (+) goes towards the wrist strap)? Are the controllers paired correctly (you hold down the Oculus/ menu buttons for 10 seconds and use the app settings)?

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Support are a bit slow replying for sure, and also dont seem to know anything about the Quest 2

They asked me for the serial 3 times, including telling me the format it should be (hint, it isnt that format at all), as well as telling me multiple times from multiple agents its under the right hand strap (it isnt)

I think they are working off the original quest scripts, and yes once i convinced them with photos that they were wrong. they then sent me an email saying they needed to go and investigate which may take a while (took 4 days)

mines mid RMA now so we will see how fast that is

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I'm having the same issues with Oculus Customer Care. It's the worst customer service I have ever experienced. We thought buying direct from Oculus would be the best experience like we have done with so many other consumer electronic manufacturers. Boy were we wrong. It's been horrible. We bought 4 256GB headsets from them for Christmas, as well as games, elite straps with batteries and other accessories. Huge investment. They had less than 30 days of use and now one of the headsets boots up to a black screen, even after 3 factory resets, and I am in the endless cycle of emails and trying to get support to do an exchange. Absolutely held captive by the fact that they will only provide support via email and at their pace. I haven't received a response to my last 3 emails. I have called the attorney General in out state and will be filing an official consumer protection complaint with them and with the better business bureau. All we want now is a refund. I no longer wish to even exchange it. I can't believe in today's society and with today's technology any company can believe this sort of customer experience is acceptable. Facebook is a $39.9B company ranked 14th in the entire world. They can afford to provide quality customer care and live support. Even if it were just over live chat and not the phone. It's incomprehensible. 

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They do have live chat. After you click the submit ticket link wait a few seconds at the bottom right hand side a green icon will appear and you click on that.

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I've dealt with support a couple of times now and they are dreadfully slow.  Unfortunately that's the way things are when you combine outsourcing with covid shipping issues and how busy oculus is.
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