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WiFi realities many seem to overlook

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SIMPLE and DISTILLED points to guide most situations ... not the end-all solution to your exact situation ... it's just general logic that i keep seeing so many dumbfounded by.


--- TLDR, for now just get a Link .. third party or official? up to you, and there's a huge difference. (... aside from saving you a bunch of time I also said that to start some up arguments). 


🗝  Gospel 
If you expect capable wireless performance on an ISP two-in-one sh#!box that some telco threw into your plan - you will absolutely be constantly disappointed ... and no... there's no way around it, so if you use one of these then, YES, YES, YES it is in fact the true source of all your problems - sooner you face the additional expense and get a real actual router, the sooner you can get on with it ... anyone thinking "i can't afford a new router" ... I say, you got a **bleep** Quest, you'll figure it out, go second hand even but remember a router runs the house .. and they don't need to look like a pregnant scorpion to be effective.


.. yes, it'll work, sometimes, in some situations ... and that's as much as you should set expectations for - treat 2.4Ghz as emergencies only and 'i'm asking for trouble' but it's life or death.


🤓 5Ghz
.. yes, it'll work a world better than former - to an extent, as you've heard it's not so great with persistence when part of a mesh environment - so get results you'll need a completely dedicated channel so it's just you ... the router/pc and the quest.  if just one of them Siri, Lexa n' Googz gets on your zen wifi then you may as well just use 2.4ghz with all the noise that smart assistants (and other devices) make on wifi ... they constantly signal out for anything and everything ... zero **bleep**s given.  Basically 5 Ghz didn't have VR gaming in mind...  its more for catering any device coming and going within proximity. Yea.. moving on.

👻  WiFi 6  (gen1) .. widely available, cheap ... doesn't need to be router.

...yes yes yes .. much better than mentioned... you will save many good years of your life by stop screwing abou twith the previously mentioned and jump straight into WiFi 6 wagon ...but know it's not perfect .... like, even on a clear dedicated channel with top equipment, you will experience visual fallout time to time it's not so bad - just depends on how triple A you're getting and how stupid you are .. relax, you'll be okay bubz


mmnnn-yea .. that's basics for logic .. for those who this and more okay, calm down ... well aware there's volumes more - hoping others will pile in and then yea toxic. 

need nicotine, outta here.