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Will a faulty Quest 2 ever be replaced?

My sons Q2 256Gb failed in early August. It suddenly would not power on and could not be charged, regardless of the charger and cable used. He logged a ticket, was given the run around for a bit, ignored for a bit and his ticket was closed. He logged another one, even getting as far as providing his device details and proof of purchase for RMA before the ticket was closed again. Other tickets are closed 4 days after being told they are being looked at. He has just supplied RMA details again on another ticket but doesn't expect any sudden progress.


It seems obvious that oculus do not want to replace or repair faulty devices, in contravention of UK consumer law. In less than four weeks the device will be a year old, at which point he fully expects to be told that it's out of warranty.


If Oculus do not have enough stock to replace faulty devices (and ignoring the fact that third party suppliers in the UK have plenty), why not just say that publically or, even better, replace them with new stock rather than refurbished? This apparent policy of simply ignoring support requests or delaying the process forever just makes Oculus look utterly incompetent, let alone the potential legal implications of breaching consumer law. Surely that is worse in the long term than simply admitting you have a supply problem.


I'm not a natural complainer and you can see from my post history that I try to help others in the community but the way my son has been treated by Support is absolutely shocking.


Some ticket references: 3183057, 3302710, 3358829


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Having a hard time over here too.

Level 3

Try posting on Twitter. That’s the only way I got any help with mine. Over 70 emails back-and-forth with support and they finally got me one after complaining on social media. I hate to be a complainer as well but that’s ridiculous. What you’re going through is even more ridiculous. I don’t know why they offer a warranty at all. I would suggest when you get a new one to see if you can get an extended warranty through with third party.

That’s what I did with mine and that’s what I’m doing with one of my wife just got replaced.

I wish you the best of luck. Like I said social media!

Oddly enough, within a few hours of posting here my son received an RMA label. Now the challenge will be to see how long it takes to despatch his replacement or if he drops into the black hole of "Oculus have my headset and are not sending me a replacement" complaints.

Same, I seemed to get some movement when I decided to post everywhere I can about my experience. I hope it was just a coincidence

I'd be amazed if it was a coincidence. Going public (particularly on a non-Facebook platform) seems to be the only way to progress.