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Wishlist for Link and AirLink features

Expert Protege

Link and AirLink are increadible features that (for me) works really well, but unfortunately some frictions make the use a little less smooth, than third party software (yes VD is better on this side).


Here's my personal wishlist:

  1. Resolution slider and refresh rate changes must apply on the fly, at least when not in game, no service restart required.
  2. Airlink pair to a pc needs to be permanent, unitl you'll manually remove on pc side or Quest side.
  3. Airlink pair can be possible to multiple PC, selecting from the Quest which one to use.
  4. On Quest you can choose Cable Link or Airlink, on the needs. Now it needs reparing if you disable airlink, see point 2
  5. Multiple Quest can be paired for airlink to the same pc, now its not possible. Ex: I have Q1 and Q2, and switch from one to another is a pain in the a**.