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Workrooms Remote Desktop - Specs.




Searching the forums, I found this regarding the specs needed for remote desktop ( ) 


Why does a remote desktop need these specs? Isn't workrooms supposed to be for work, rather than gaming?


Immersed works fine, Vspatial works, Virtual Desktop works, but Horizons workrooms require you to have 16GB of ram and a GTX2080? That's madness!


 Are there any plans to lower the specs needed? 


Honored Guest

I've been banging my head against the wall trying to get it working tonight. (I just get the No Available Devices error that most seem to get) This might be the cause of it. My work computer isn't a gaming rig..who'd have thunk it? I thought part of the quests charm was that it was for the most part stand alone. Its a shame as I really could have seen me introducing this concept to my team at work.