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Workrooms: keyboard input not working (K830 bluetooth, Apple USB)



I am having trouble with keyboard input in Workrooms. My headset is being recognized by Remote Desktop, as well as my computer. I use the controller to select the computer and RD asks me to press the return key. This is where I get stuck - none of the keyboards I am trying seem to be working (Logitech K830 bluetooth and Apple USB). Both keyboards work in Immersed. They work normally on the PC.


I have tried a number of fixes, restarted computer, reinstalled Remote Desktop, switched USB ports, turned K830 bluetooth connection on and off in Oculus settings (suspecting that the headset is hugging the connection).

In summary, the keyboards are recognized by the computer, but not over the Remote Desktop connection. Workrooms loads and work but I cannot load my PC screen.


Any ideas?

Cheers from Japan