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Xbox controller using Link and Virtual Desktop

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I have an Xbox controller paired with my PC but when I use the cable and Link to hook up to the PC the controller prioritizes things like moving the desktop around over operating the game on the PC. For example, every time I look at the virtual desktop and then hit the left trigger it tries to grab the entire frame of the desktop and move it instead of the behavior I want on the game.  I've tried pinning the desktop and same result.  It does not do this behavior when not using Link and just using the standalone Virtual Desktop.  I would like it to just disconnect the controller from Link if possible, it just auto pairs it under devices and wont let me unpair it.  I don't want it to do anything within the Oculus, just run the PC controls.  Any Ideas?

Level 2

I have nearly the same problem, I can move with my xbox controller (R1, L1) but the main control has the oculus (ABXY ...) which makes the xbox controller unusable..