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Your experience with the Oculus Quest

Level 3
I'm looking to buy a new VR headset, and wanted to hear from you your thoughts and opinions about the Oculus Quest. As someone with a pretty powerful computer but with not much space, I don't know if I can fit the Rift S in, and because the Quest is in the rise and is much more supported by Oculus, i'm leaning towards it.
I would like to hear from you, how's the feeling of play, graphics, frame rate, headset comfort, and from the Oculus Link and Virtual Desk users- how well does the Quest perform while connected to a PC?
Thanks a lot!

Level 4
Hi there. I've had the Quest for only a couple of weeks but I've been using it quite a lot, trying out various setups. I had a Rift CV1 for two years until now.

Before getting into the Quest specifics, you mentioned that you don't have a lot of space. I'm not sure how the Quest can help you compared to the Rift S, or any other VR headset for that matter. Especially if you plan to hook it up to your PC, and you would need to be in the same room to play. My play area is just about the recommended minimum size (about 1,5 m x 1,5 m I think) and anything smaller would be difficult to manage for room-scale games. If you played seated games it's different of course.

The resolution is very good with sharp visuals and minimal screen door effect. This was a major reason for me to upgrade. My Rift CV1 had a higher refresh rate (90 Hz) than the Quest (72 Hz) but I can't tell the difference.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase, but I think the problem with the Quest is that it requires modifications to get a good playing experience.

The headset is very uncomfortable. The mask hurt my cheeks and forehead. I finally had to make a counterweight from a bag of coins and attach it to the back strap. That helped a lot, but of course now the headset is heavier. The built-in headphones/speakers are horrible, so you need to use or buy a set of wired headphones. If you are playing the Quest games, you need a Chromecast if you want other people to see what you're doing on your PC monitor.

I've used Link with a USB 2 cable and it works quite well. Though I've heard that to guarantee the best visuals, the official Link cable is required, or at least a decent USB 3 cable. So that's another thing that you might need to get.

Fortunately, there's always the wireless option if you have a good router. I've had good experiences with Virtual Desktop in Half-Life: Alyx. Though it works less well in games where movements have to be timed exactly, and therefore latency is an issue.

But overall I think I made a good choice because the Quest is not that expensive, it's so versatile and I think we can expect more cool features for it. But in my opinion it's not a completely ready setup out of the box.