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64 gb

Hello. I bought my son the Medal of Honor game and it won’t install. He has the quest 2 64 gb… he has plenty of room for the install. Thanks. Michael

Resolved! VRchat not loading

Hello, I have the Oculus Quest 2, and today I haven't been able to access my VRchat account at all. I have uninstalled and re-installed the app, and factory reset the oculus to see if it was my Oculus with the issue, and I'm still having the same pro...

Can’t see apps

So I just got my oculus quest 2 abs I bought a couple games and when I went to go play them they aren’t showing Up in library and when I go to the store they say I haven’t purchased them but it says in recent purchases I have the games so what do I d...

pike1302 by Honored Guest
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link wont connect

I've been trying to connect my Quest 2 to my laptop using the official link but it's still not working. I've recently bought a laptop with Intel CORE i7 and Intel iRIS Xe and the Oculus Quest 2. I've done everything the web, youtube, etc still isn't ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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"Forgot password" link not working.

I got my oculus quest 2 today, I followed the instructions til it came to the point I had to login via my phone to access my headset. I tried multiple times to use my password that I use for my facebook but it didn't seem to work, so I gave up and tr...

Resolved! AirLink 24hr limit

Is there anyway to disable the 24 hour cutoff for AirLink?? It keeps breaking my pairing and when the baby is sleeping I don't want to walk down the squeaky hallway 2 times just to toggle to same switch 3 or 4 times a week. I'm a strong advocate for ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Not working

I am trying to connect my Occulis2 to my Android phone. It keeps telling me it's sending a code to my Occulis and no code ever appeheadset. Headset.

Please Help installing APK (KODI)

I guess this thing is not officially supported, but I try to ask anyway.I had "KODI 18.5" installed on my Quest 2 via Sidequest and the appropriate APK file, and it worked great. I used it to watch TV channels via Wifi streaming from my Dreambox SAT ...


Attempting to cast our new Occulus 2 but we can’t send it to our TCL Roku TV. Been in screen mirroring settings but it can’t detect the VR. Will it link?

Can not cast

Wondered if anyone can help me! When I 1st played the oculus I could cast but not anymore. they are both on the same internet and have found each other because it tells me on the headset the cast has failed. I have rebooted to the factory setting and...

MLSB21 by Honored Guest
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Error preforming a query

I recently logged out of all devices with my FB account, and now everytime I try to log into my oculus it says error preforming a query and I am essentially locked out of my $300 gaming headset and it’s very upsetting. What do I do?


It seems as if I forgot my oculus pattern and can’t remember. And I’ve tried to use the app to reset it but it will not work.

quest 2 not opening/showing apps

so i've had this issue for a while but my apps only open after i factory reset it, if i shut off my quest 2 after i factory reset it my apps stop appearing and crash as soon as i open them i am also having the same issues as

CloneSky by Honored Guest
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Incorrect time on Quest

I was curious how I can change the time on my Quest home screen. I bought my Quest in a different time zone and now the time is off. Is there a way to change it to the correct time?

Thumper15 by Honored Guest
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Games from quest 1 to 2

Alright, someone tell me if I can re download the games from my quest 1 to quest 2. I bought them on quest one and don't want to spend more cash on games I already got.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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