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Which Oculus Link Cable with Acer Laptop?

Hey all,So I'm new to VR and this will be my first time owning a headset. My quest 2 is coming in Wednesday and I want to be able to use Oculus Link with my computer. I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-51. My laptop meets all the specs, but I'm...

Air link

I tried enabling air link I managed to get it running but when I connect my headset my games don’t appear in the library from when I downloaded them in the other store.

Pc specs rquired for Quest 2

Are these specs food enough to get a GREAT experience with Quest 2?Tech SpecsIntel Core 11th Generation i5-11400H Processor (6 Core, Up to 4.50GHz, 12MB Cache)Windows 10 Home512GB PCIe M.2 NVMe Class 35 Solid State Drive8GB (1X8GB) Up to 3200MHz DDR4...

wcrist1 by Honored Guest
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Left controller

My left controller wont work. I changed batteries, I tried turning it on. My right one works but my other wont even work. I cant do anything about it. I tried everything. Is there a way to even fix this?

Z0M1E by Honored Guest
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Link cable not working

Ok so I recently bought a quest 2 and got the link cable to hook up to my pc, however, whenever I tried connecting by cable it would just keep the loading circle going endlessly (attached image) and wouldn't pick up on the cable despite it being plug...


Warranty on Quest 2?

My Quest 2 was dropped and now the guardian sees the floor as a bowl which messes with tracking. I was wondering what the return policy to get a new one is? If its even possible. My Quest was purchased on Amazon in September.

EeryEight by Honored Guest
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cross buy games not working

I saw another thread that said that if you buy something using the link on your pc, you may not be able to access it on the quest. It did say however, that some games are cross buy. I looked at the cross buy list and saw that superhot vr is a cross b...

My game is stuck on installing

I’m trying to install Vader immortal episode 2, and it’s basically done installing but its just stuck saying installing, it won’t let me play it. I really don’t wanna factory reset my oculus so is there another fix besides that?

Removing the guardian boundery issue

I finally got frustrated with the Guardian boundary not allowing me to continue playing Medal of Honor so I finally held the volume and power button simultaneously and went to factory reset so I could disable it. Don't worry about your Oculas deletin...

Redhots1 by Honored Guest
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Stuck on Install

Spent $300 on this and unable to download a game, been installing for 3 days!!!! The other two games are in queue. . The wifi is not the issue!!!Used my home wifi, McDonald's, phone Hotspot. What's the problem???

Rikki82 by Honored Guest
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Game content

All my games have disappeared. How do I get them back ??nothing is showing anymore, my apps and games. Even the store won’t load up

Luca912 by Honored Guest
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my order will never arrive?

I Bought 26 nov 2021 oculus guest 2,This my order number2830882003817067I have written many emails and chats, with no solution for my deliveryWhen I have my oculus guest 2, some day. I will have to return my order,after more than a month of waitingTh...

jgckadiz by Honored Guest
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Content viewing on 2 devices

I have 2 Oculous devices in my home. Is there a way for content to be viewed at the same time between the two devices? Meaning, if I am watching a video/concert etc on my device, can a member of my family using the other Oculous device watch what I a...

Oculus 2 lags on all games

More detail follows but issue is this: On all games so far, DCS World, American Truck Sim, P3D, MS Flight Sim...I get good FPS in game averaging 20-30 but horrible image JITTER when moving my head. I bought my O2 3 weeks ago, for the first week it wo...

Wanna try a similar game before RE4 VR

Hey guys, so wanna try a game that has similar movement/controls as Resident Evil 4 does, before buying it. I am perfectly fine with "stationary" games, I was perfectly fine within SuperHot and BeatSaber (you can already tell I'm new to VR), but trie...

Zolka1982 by Honored Guest
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