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I just bought and tested "Fruit ninja" and quickly decided that it wasn't for me. I've read all the info oculus has provided about refunds, I've been through my purchase history page but could not find a refund option. The same goes for "Fruit ninja"...

Occulus incorrectly refunded my Gamepack

Earlier this year I requested a refund for Climb 1 and 2, Problem is, a support team member refunded the festive season pack by mistake instead of Climb 1 and 2. I have since gotten the refund for Climb 1 and 2, but now have no access to the festive ...

K4pr3 by Level 2
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Playing my own music files

Hi, brand new to oculus and want to play my own music(mp3) files, I have transferred several albums from laptop to music folder in quest2 but have no idea how to play them. Ideally I do not want to pay money to play my own files. Would really appreci...

Oculus Link not working and awful service.

Spoiler (Highlight to read)I am so sick of this. I've had my Quest 2 for seven months, and I think I've only been able to use it linked to my PC for a few hours in total. When it worked at the beginning it would be OK for maybe an hour, so something ...

Terriea by Level 2
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Beat saber oculus quest delay

Just curious if anyone else feels like the blocks are slightly ahead of the beat by default on the quest version? I started playing beat saber this week and I have a pretty good sense of rhythm as a musician, but there are times were I've been bang o...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Game freezing randomly

Does anybody have the same issue to where when your playing a game it all the sudden freezes randomly. Everything in front looked warped when it's frozen and everything around it is just back. Is this common and is there a way to fix it? Thanks.

"No headset audio" with Oculus Link

I am using the link, and it was working fine 5 days ago. The cord I am using is the USB C that comes with the Quest, which is supposed to work with link. And it was working, then one day after turning on my quest and computer. it just doesn't have an...

notduck by Level 2
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Oculus link wont connect at all

My oculus is working perfectly fine, infact the link was too. I played it for a day and then suddenly it stopped connecting completely, I unplug it and plug it in different ports, downloaded oculus driver and restarted multiple times. It just wont sh...


I don’t know how to know/find all my passwords and my email that I used for my oculus setup and I’m trying to log in into oculus casting on my friend’s computer and my facebook login didn’t work and I don’t have/know my account privacy.

Oculus link issue when allowing files with pc

Oculus link does not appear as an option; with dev mode on/off if I attempt to allow my pc to discover files currently on the oculus quest 2. If I select deny; I am able to connect to my pc and oculus link then works. I was as well having a composite...

Cptbaja by Level 4
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Oculus Link Connection Issues

Alright, so this has really been bugging me recently because I can’t find anything like it. So my oculus link keeps disconnecting every time I try to use it. I’ll have it plugged in, it shows up on PC that it’s connected, and the data access pop up c...

LemDawg by Level 2
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Oculus quest won't charge

I got the Oculus quest on May 21st and as of this morning 23 it won't charge. I tried multiple outlets tried both sides if the cord and held down power with volume down button, still it didn't work. I tried one guys advice of letting cord that's plug...