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Oculus Quest 2 Left Controller Failure

My left controller started to vibrate uncontrollably during my time in Gorilla Tag VR, and i couldnt stop it. I decided to change the batterys, which did stop the vibrating. Downside, it never turned on again. I tried to manually pair it, replace bat...

Missing games

When i got on my oculus quest, i went on to find that there are no games in my quick menu, the shop wouldn't work, my profile is broken, and i can't do anything on my quest 2. please if anyone knows how to fix this issue, it would be highly appreciat...

Cant buy anything

all of the sudden i cant buy anything.saying try again for entering pin to puchase.Resetting pin didnt work as well.restart the device didnt work.this issue is happening to my wife’s device as well. any help please !

m.odlee by Honored Guest
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Hello so my oculus quest 2 left controller are keep drifting and I bought it like 6 moths ago and I want to know if you can replaced it with a new one.

Oculus Link Cable Errors

Hey Everyone, Has anyone received an error when plugging in your Quest 2 into your CPU via the link cable? Mine plays a noise as if registering, but then quickly de-couples. My Quest 1 was fine and had no issues. With my Quest 2, Oculus has had me up...

Game from website to app

I was on the website found a game called Bait!Found out it was compatible with the vr set I have so I added it to my account how ever when I open the app on my pc I cant find it any where this has happened with a few other titles and I search under Q...

Oculus 2 not working (multiple issues)

When I switch my Oculus on the screen is flashing saying that guardian isn't working so it's turned tracking off. It's also not picking up wifi, or pairing to the ap, so I can't do a reset. I've contacted support and it's been days already with no re...

IamLove11 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Update 28 not showing on Quest 2

I believe my headset isn't yet updated to version 28 but haven't found the version number anywhere online for me to check. Can someone who's got the update comment the version number here? Thanks in advance ♥

Eshleb by Honored Guest
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Probleme avec mon cable link je pense pas sur

Bien le bonjour j'ai besoin d'aide, je possède un pc vr ready, avec cable link 3.0 et port usb 3.0, j'ai également tout installer pour qu'il fonctionne sur mon pc avec steam (le cable link et l ' oculus quest 2 ont été commandés sur Amazon) les 2 pre...

Air Link Hardware Notification

While using the new Air Link feature on my pc, it constantly brings up a message saying my hardware is limiting my experience but thus far every game I play on it feels fine. I've ran Steam VR Performance Test (Geforce GTX 1650) and it's not a NASA g...

Air Link fails to load

I hope someone can anyone help me and others who experience this:I have V28 and Air Link "On" for both the headset and PC. But when I Launch Air Link via the headset, it just loads (3 white dots) for around 10 seconds and then puts me right back into...

Fexxe by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link 16 foot Cable

I bought that $79 Oculus Link Cable 16 foot one. After two weeks it stopped working. I contacted customer support and long story short, they didn't help fix or replace the $79 cable. So now I'm left with a useless 16 foot cable that is nothing but a ...

Pretty disappointed quest 2 new features

Well. Did get new quest 2 for family use. Enabled the new features. Created new accounts....No link on new accounts. No air link on new accounts... only about 8 of my 40 plus apps are shared ... and no sideloads on the new accounts. Just about worthl...

Beat Saber 360

So i just got my oculus quest 2 ordered beat saber or thought I was but I have realized it's the 360 version. My concerns are when I look up beat saber i don't have that game i have to literally go into my purchase history to even see the version i h...

Probleme guardian zone

Bonjour j'ai l'occulus quest 2 et je ne peux plus jouer à mes jeux car je ne peux plus configurer la guardian zone. La pièce est très lumineuse et on est en pleine journée avec un grand soleil. J'ai le problème le soir quand la nuit tombe, il faut al...

V28 Mismatched versions, No New Features

HeyThe desktop app on my PC is 28.0.0..222.469compared to my headset version No new features have been enabled and no matter what i do in headeset, over physical link or the phone cause the headset to update any further, it just keeps ...

Mav359 by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 V28

Today is April 25th and I'm still on V27 with no updates available sill showing after resetting, re-booting etc. Where is it?

Cmdrzera by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link does not work properly

Hey guys,I recently started using my Quest again because I've always had problems with Quests in general. My first Quest 1 broke down on my so I got a second one, after some time this one didn't work perfectly either.My Problem now is that I cannot p...