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WiFi realities many seem to overlook

SIMPLE and DISTILLED points to guide most situations ... not the end-all solution to your exact situation ... it's just general logic that i keep seeing so many dumbfounded by. --- TLDR, for now just get a Link .. third party or official? up to you, ...

Any Wifi geniuses?

Hi, I need to figure out the best way to play pcvr games over my wifi, I've substituted my link cable completely for virtual desktop, after doing some testing its the better option as playing through the cable is an unpleasant experience in many ways...

Quest 2 Booting Issue

Hello and thank you for any assistance anyone can provide, Im having a issues when Booting my quest 2. When I turn on the device the first image I see Is as square with an arrow top middle pointing down and there's 3 dots on all 4 sides of this squar...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Passthrough on startup

Everytime for the last 4 days or so passthrough is always on and I can't access the menus or anything like that so I haven't been able to use the headset properly. I'm not sure how to fix this at all

problème kest 1

bonjour a tous j ai un problèmes quant j ouvre le casque il me mais une fenêtre avec écrit System ux s arrêtes systématiquement , je fais un rebout d usine e toujours le même message avez vous une réponse a sa

No sound after waking from sleep mode

Quest 1 I play a game, exit and put the headset down. It goes into sleep mode as it should. When I next pick it up, a few hours later or next day, I no longer get any sounds when I load and play a game. To get sound effects back I need to restart the...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Two Quest 2s, One Household

The Quest 2 has become so popular in our household that we decided to get a second one. Ideally, we'd be able to use them to play coop games with each other. While my children are too young to have Facebook accounts, I could provision the second devi...

Resolved! Oculus Quest for educational purposes

Hello, I tried to look for previous relevant topics but couldn't find specific answers so here is my question: are there packages on offer for Oculus Quest 2 / Quest when acquired for teaching in a Design University? If so, which is the contacting an...

Driver Error

Unable to get headset recognized. USB error or USB device not recognized.Setup the Oculus system on another PC to test and all worked correctly.

ocules wont update

okay so my software as been a little weird the last couple days so everytime i opened up ocules software i just crashed and it did that like 5 times and then it stops. so i used the repair and then it said it needs to update but nothing happens and i...

Flakker by Level 2
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Resolved! Got problem with my Oculus Quest 2

I got problem with tracking, it seems like one camera is not working or something, i don't know. Passthrough vision makes me sick because of it and i see dots everywhere when setting guardian. Guardian lines are moving. I tried to record it: https://...

xHyqn by Level 3
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Rift Cv1 controllers connecting to Quest

Hi everyone. I'm new to owning a Quest headset. Any help would be greatly appreciated. So here goes. I just bought the Oculus Quest headset only a couple of days ago. I also bought a pair of touch controllers. Not knowing they were the Rift Cv1 contr...

moso44 by Level 2
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Problème de livraison

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Spoiler (Highlight to read) Bonjour, celà fait maintenant 3 jours que j'envoie des mails suite à une livraison qui n'a pas était effectué (09/04) depuis je n'ai aucune nouvelle ... J'attends mais je ne sais pas si je vais r...

Support SteamVR in Linux?

Hello, I got Oculus Quest2 two days ago. It works well in Windows 10 with USB cable connection to SteamVR, if I already installed Oculus Software/driver. I installed OpenVR or OpenHMD in Linux, but SteamVR can not detect Oculus Quest2. Because there ...

Zesk0 by Level 2
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