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Recommend Me: Steering Wheel Accessory

Looking into getting a Steering Wheel controller for the Oculus Quest 2. Anyone know of what works with the Oculus Quest 2 and what ones they recommend getting? I'll probably be looking into getting the pedals, and shifter too or in the future.


So here’s some back story last night my Facebook account was hacked and they were smart enough to change the recovery email so now I can’t get in to the account. Does anyone know how I can move forward ? That account had paid apps totaling close to $...

Oculus pin

I'm new to oculus. After I linked to my Facebook account it asked for my payment details which I skipped. Now I've added my payment details its asking me for a pin, this i think I may have skipped. Is there a generic pin for the question? I've reques...

Bifta07 by Honored Guest
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steam help

hi. Just wondering if it is possable to install a game from a steam account to your oculos quest 2 with out a pc . i was told you can from your andriod phone but i dont know how to fo it . i was told there is a application you can download to your oc...

Recording and link issues

I just tried recording some beat saber for my YT the games fps dropped and was choppy the vibrations were delayed and I just couldn't record after that I talked to some of my friends and they said they were having the same issues but not recording bu...

Virtual CPR App wanted.

I would like to do some VR CPR training with my staff, as I am unable to do regular CPR training in my location due to Covid.I found a CPR App for the Rift, but nothing for the Quest 2 on to he Oculus store.Can anyone suggest a way that I could do VR...

360 cubemap image

Hi,I'm trying to find an app/setting that would display 360-cubic-stero images on Oculus Quest. Oculus Gallery can display only 360 spherical stereo images it seems. Anybody any solutions?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Sharing 360 photos with others.

So, ive seen this question get asked a lot, but I havn't seen a real good answer. I want to be able to share my insta 360 evo pictures with others, meening, if i have a buddy that lives in New York and hes wearing his quest and im in California weari...

harozrock by Honored Guest
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Death Horizon

HiI'm not sure if this is allowed but I need help with Death Horizon. I'm at the position where I'm on what appears to be a metal walkway balcony having made it over a gap in the walkway in the previous room, about 40% in. The voiceover asked how I'm...

Resolved! where is my game?

i purchased beat saber on the oculus store app on pc, it is in my library but only on the oculus pc app.i cant find it on my quest 2 unless i use the link cable, i was hoping to take the quest round to family so we could all play beat saber but i can...

Oculus Quest 2 not turning on

I just received my Oculus Quest 2 today, I set up all the basic stuff before I went to work. I left the Oculus charging and when I returned home from work it would not turn on. I checked the charging cable and block and it still worked at charging my...

Headset not gound

I just got my quest 2 and I can't pair the headset to the app on my phone I've tried everything. They are in the same wifi. The five digits code is correct I've cleared bluetooth cache. I've factory reset oculus. I've tried this on two other phones t...

Oculus Gallery keeps stopping on Quest

Started happening to me March 27. Tried to open the oculus gallery and it just hangs for a second then pops up an error that it keeps stopping. asked my co-worker if it's happening on his quest as well and they are having the same issue. Seems like i...

Oculus Link don't work

Hello,So, I recently upgraded my pc, above all the oculus Link work pretty well not very reliable but it works, on the other hand now nothing works, the headset connects well to the pc, on the other hand I remain blocked on a black screen with three ...

Conventional games?

Received the Quest 2 for my birthday. I’m not a 25 year old desperate to be a warrior type. I’m not in to blood and guts and slayer games. I want to play more conventional games, like baseball, regular football, not futuristic, golf, tennis, archery....

Anonymous by Not applicable
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quest 2 wired link issues

so i have a quest 2 and the anker 3.0 cable they reccomended and heres my issuemy brothers computer which i normally link to pushes out 2-3 gigs to the cable and runs fine (abeit lower specs)then my mothers computer which has better specs only pushes...

Should i get bmbf?

so im getting beat saber very soon and i was thinking about getting bmbf for it. I just want to make sure i wont get banned and it is completely safe to the headset. I also want to know what i can and cannot do with bmbf. can someone please help me?

Check Connection

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Valshaar by Honored Guest
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Link cable for quest 2

so i have just just bought a asus Viobook 15 and my link cable works with it however when ever i plug it in it glitches and will not connect due to low bandwidth, does anyone know how to fix this or do i have to buy a new cable or laptop? thanks ever...