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Bluetooth headphones with Beat Saber.

When playing beat saber with my bluetooth headphones I had stuttering in the gameplay however as soon as I disconnected them they were fine, any advice or does anyone know if this can be fixed or if it is a bug for everyone. I use the Sennheiser HD 4...

CLAR-KY by Level 2
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How to get Adobe Medium on to Quest 2

Hi, I'm prob being totally thick here and missing summit, but how do i get Adobe Medium onto Quest 2.I been to the Adobe site and got the app, and my Quest is cabled to my comp, now what.Adobe says i have already have the app, but don't know where it...

2 issues with Quest 2

issue no.1when I upload an 3d stereoscopic image 2 my quest 2, and view it with TV app, a thin 1px black line appears on a part of image where stich should be, along with 2 dots on top and bottom of an image.it is rendering 3d from 3dmaxwhat I would ...

Quest 2 pc output

I recently bought a quest 2 to play half life Alyx and was wondering if there is a performance difference between connecting the oculus link cable to my motherboard as opposed to my graphics card. Typically I would simply plug the cable into my graph...

Torgcob by Level 2
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Hello Everyone!!Just a simple question: I already have an oculus quest 2 and purchased one more for my son as a gift forhis birthday coming up.Q: Do I need to create a separate account FB and Oculus for him? he is only 11 years.Q: Can I share the gam...

How the hell do you fix this one?

Hi everybody, I'm new to oculus. I just bought the oculus quest 2 and I have been having very infuriating problems. I tried downloading pavlov from applabs, but halfway through, it just stops. I don't know why, can anyone give the the solution to thi...

Link Crashing when enabled

First and foremost. Here are my specs. I know I do not meet the specified requirements (First computer i built myself and I will be upgrading it). But it still runs fine through the Virtual Desktop -------Specs-------CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600GPU: MSI NVI...

Linking two oculus 2 to the same account

I got my son an oculus 2 for a gift and hooked him up via my Facebook account. Now i have a second oculus 2 and want to know how, or if i can connect this second one to my account in order to use the games i have already paid for. Is there a family s...

Oculus cannot pair with phone URGENT

I have been for the past 4 hours attempting to pair my Quest 2 with my phone app, but it has not worked. We have restarted the device multiple times, the phone multiple times, and have deleted the app and redownloaded it multiple times, NOTHING HAS W...

SteamVR not picking up Quest 2[HELP]

Yo, so can someone help please. I just got a new 3.0 cable today to play Quest 2 on PC VRchat, but Steamvr absolutely refuses to detect my headset even though the Oculus App does and so does Device Manager.Yes my video cards updatedYes I have tried b...

Nano246 by Level 2
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Login issues with Oculus mobile app

Recently upgraded my Oculus Rift S to Oculus Quest 2, setting it up is a problem. Out of the box, fully charged the headset and connected to my wifi, automatically got a firmware update, plugged the oculus link cable to my PC's usb-c port, tested con...

EdgarID by Level 2
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ASW improvements with V27?

I have tried ASW forced 45 fps before but never liked it but today it feels much better on my racing games....almost zero artefact...amazing! Does anyone noticed the same? Release notes say nothing about asw changes.

Quest 2 alternative

Hello guys. I'm interesting buy wire free device like a quest 2. But facebook account request - its a totally sucks. Is anybody know something like that, maybe chinese clone?

USB Speed

What min USB speed is needed? I have the Quest 2 and DCS seems to run fine in VR. I'm using the current beta default settings in graphics settings in Oculus. When I ran the USB test I'm getting 614 Mbps The cable I'm using... https://www.amazon.com/g...

Canada shipping

I am trying to order a replacement handset for my oculus quest 2. But the site keeps on saying the add a proper US address and postal code even though I have it set to Canada to ship. Anybody else at this problem? Any idea how to fix it? Thanks!