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Lone Echo 2 Issues

Running a 3700x and RTX 3070 with 32GB 3600 DDR4 RAM on the quest 2. At the recommended 72hz and auto resolution setting thru the oculus App on pc, I’m getting just a disappointing amount of stutter and immersion breaking experience to the point that...

Referrals are not working

I referred 3 people, 2 of which were family members. The referral link didn't work so I contacted Oculus help and let them know. This was during the $60 promotion prior to 12-6-21. I have been getting the run around via email with no resolution on an...


Can I have two separate accounts, not shared, using one oculus quest 2 device? I want to be able to log off the device and let others use it with their own accounts and then have them log off so I can log on my own account.

Custom environments

I downloaded some custom environments directly from my quest2 (at least, I think so) but I don't see them anywhere. Tried looking on discrod but the UI is very confusing and I can't even acces now. Any step by step tutorial to make the custom environ...

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Updates not installing after days

I started initializing updates for three of my programs. Supernatural was the first one and after three days is still saying “installing“. Saber is doing the same thing and so are two other of my favorite programs. Two of them are in queue. I have se...

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Death Horizon: Reloaded - Help

Hello, fellow gamers, I bought Death Horizon: Reloaded but I get very motion sickness.Does anyone know if it is possible to change the movement instead of swiping to go directly to the place I want?Thank you very much

Mi compra

Buenas, el 26 de noviembre compré la OCULUS GUEST 2, y aún no me ha llegado.Podría darme una solución.Un teléfono de contacto, por favor

Playing a game on Oculus through PC cable

Do I need to download the game both to my PC and the Oculus 2? Can't get Medal of Honor to boot, wondering if it's because I only have it installed on my PC but not the Oculus...but doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of using the PC to stream from...

My Guardian app is crashing during startup.

Hi all, Since today my guardian app is not working anymore. When I boot up my quest 2 I need to define my play area, but when confirmed the camera's turn on and need to define it again. I have rebooted several times but keeps on happening. I noticed ...

FlyBy64 by Level 2
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Downloading games

I was told by the support person that they are having issues with the store and are working on it and to try in a day or two but still not fixed. it's not your computer i even reinstalled OS no change. I'm not buying anything else til i can download ...

Oculus Quest 2 waiting time

Guys, is it only me? I've purchased my Quest 2 29th November, but the headset is not even shipped yet. I've contacted support twice already but they only told me that they have too many orders to proceed and that they can't really tell me when will I...

Full body tracking on oculus quest 2

Hi I’m new to all this but I’d like to know what is the best full body tracking to get for quest two I’m confused they are so many some cost a lot some cost less which is the one I need to get it all to work and how much will it cost ? Please help wi...

Right controller problem

Really like this vr experience for the couple days it lasted but Really sucks to find out there is a controller problem and oculus doesn't seem to have a solution to make it right.

oculus link desktop

could this be due to a previous update and my glasses kit was installed by someone else with the update or something and then didn't work. The glasses to the room using the oculus link, there is a sliding row at the bottom and on the right side you c...

Jitter/Judder Quest 2.

Hey, i´ve been having problems with my quest 2, tried factory reset, changing rooms, changing tracking frequency, different lamps, unpairing and pairing the controllers but nothing seems to help, i seem to be having Jitter whenever i look around usin...

ghodzy by Level 4
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