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Oculus Quest 2 Controller Drift - Deadzones?

Is there any way to set controller deadzones? I am surprised that Build 26 didn't include this, it's very important because of the amount of users having this issue from what I've heard. I've tried looking through the files on the headset to see if t...

PC Disconnected

Purchased the Anker cable that Oculus recommended to link the Quest to my computer, it worked fine for several months and just recently I have been experiencing it giving me error messages while in play that says PC Disconnected. Has anyone else had ...

90hz on Oculus quest 2 in steam vr with link

Is it possible to get 90 fps on a steam vr game when I'm using an official link cable I know it's.possible for Oculus games but.mine are through steam and it's locked at 72 fps on mine and I was hoping to raise it I do have Oculus to let 9hz but stil...

Mikid05 by Level 2
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Go Live Not Working

When I click on the "Go Live" button, the 3 dots appear and doesn't do anything. I've waited for 5 minutes and it just does not go away. Does anyone know of a fix for this? I've restarted my devices and stuff, but still does not work.

Please help me

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Spoiler (Highlight to read)Hello all, I’m looking for some help in regards to my new oculus quest 2. I have 1 headset with 2 accounts on it, we bought and downloaded games onto the host account but only a few of the games a...

Any new fitness games coming for Quest?

I think I have pretty much every fitness game or game that is know for give you some exercise available for quest. I thought there would be more by now but as I watch the roll out of new apps, there's nothing targeted at fitness that I'm seeing at le...

Is new music ever coming for FitXR?

This is my primary app that I use the most. I love it but playing it 6 or 7 times a week, I'm really jonesing for some new music especially of the hip-hop genre. Will this ever happen? I like the music for the most part in this app but really I need ...

First steps gun cartridge game!!

Currently having an ongoing family battle for about a week now for top score honors. Right now we've hit 12250. I know that can be bested!! This game has some secrets and how u shoot, how fast u shoot ect unlocks more levels to get a higher score. Fo...

Oculus Link Audio Cutting out

I have been using Oculus Link for almost two months and I very like it, until two weeks ago there were no problems at all.Two weeks ago when I came to play Beat Saber. I noticed that the sound that comes out of the headset includes the sound if the h...

Oculus Quest 2 audio jack stopped working

So, I'm having an issue where last night when I was hanging out with friends in VRChat. The audio on my quest 2 just suddenly stopped working from the audio jack. I did not unplug it, or really mess with it. It just kind of stopped working, and I hav...

oculus link alternatives

my normal oculus link cable has broken about 2 times now and I can no longer get a new one, and I don't really want to spend another 80 dollars just for it to break again. so I'm asking for some link alternatives that arent pricey and make me want to...

Link Lag, unresponsive buttons, random crashes

Loving the Quest 2 as a standalone but been very disappointed by the Link performance so far. It's worse than my CV1. I have an i7-6700k and a 3070 and graphic intensive games like Alyx all run buttery smooth on my PC screen but stutter like crazy in...

earley2 by Level 2
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Dead Pixel on RH Screen

Only purchased this Quest2 22 February 2021 and already has a fault! A dead pixel has appeared on the RH screen! It is very annoying as it is a white spot close to the centre about 10 degrees lower down. I purchased at a Argos Store in SE London UK. ...

Setting up multiple accounts

I have purchased a quest 2 and gave my original quest to my daughter who does not live with me. Do I now set the quest 2 up with the same account and app that the one I gave to my daughter is set up with. Or do I need to set up a entirely new account...

lee2626 by Level 2
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Gun Club VR SWAT

Can anyone tell me whats up with the pics that fall outta the folder that U can pull outta the drawer in the ready room? If U open the drawer & pull out the folder & tap it on the table top, pics fall out that show views of the game with the green di...