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Controller vibration intensity issues

A few days ago, I was playing beat saber on my Quest 2 and I accidentally hit my controllers together, not even very hard. I didn’t think it was a big deal because it happens all the time and my controllers aren’t affected. However, this time, my rig...

vpn (Speedify)

Hi 卵Ive sideloaded Kodi 19.0 with no issues Ive Think ive Sideloaded Speedify but all Oculus is showing is my Speedify on my mobile (slightly surprised!! 藍)Does it mean that because i can see my mobile but Not Oculus it Still indicates Oculus Is us...

Programa de referidos

Hola me han regalado unas oculus quest 2 de segunda mano con muy poco tiempo y quería disfrutar de las ventajas del programa de referidos pero al aceptar el enlace de mi amigo me indica que ya han sido activadas habria alguna solución muchas gracias ...

connexion wifi

bonjour j ai réinitialisé oculus2 en mode usine et impossible de le reconnecté en wifi que se soir la livebox de orange ou le téléphone portable qui a une idée merci

My impressions

I have been using the Quest 2, and there are some things I really feel disappointed with. 1. I am coming from a Rift and Gear VR.. And to be honest, this unit feels like a step down from both.2. I have noticed that the headband is not as well designe...

Quest 2 stuck at 72 Hz when using Link

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue. My Quest 2 is stuck at 72 Hz despite setting it to 80 Hz or 90 Hz in the Oculus PC app. Friday night I used it for about 4 hours and it was running at 90 Hz without any problem. No changes mad...

benji94 by Level 5
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no payment method works

when i try to set up a payment method with my bank card it doesn't work it greys out the postcode when i select uk and i set up paypal and it still wont allow any payment to go through the paypal account is perfectly well linked just i can pay for an...

Audio recording issues

So today I was trying to make a YouTube video on the best load out in onward, but after finishing the recording I watched it and there was no audio recording of myself talking, only the sound coming from the game. Is this happening to everybody on th...

Gift won't install

We were gifted 2 games (beat Sabre and walking dead) and neither will install. It says install queued and "installation will begin automatically once your headset is connected to the internet"The head set is connected to the internet and says connect...

I wish there was a Gamepass

I find VR games fun fo 5 mins, then I become bored and move on to the next thing. I cannot justify the price of games on this platform, if they were £5 I'd buy them.... but not for £20. I really wish'd the platform had Gamepass, cause on Xbox It make...

problème batterie en oculus link V26

j'ai installé la v26 hier sur mon quest 2,et depuis ,la batterie ce décharge en a peine 2H contre 5-6H avant en mode oculus link (pcvr)Testé hier soir et ce matin (pc redémarré, casque éteins et en charge toute la nuit) ,c'est le même résultat .Quelq...

I need friends

Hi, I just wanted to tell people to add me as a friend on oculus. I have the Oculus Quest and noone that I know IRL have bought one, yet. So if you have it or Quest 2 then add "tobydale" ty  I'm 20 if anyone cares

Black Vertical Line on Oculus TV

Hey what`s up guys? I'm having a little trouble with my Oculus Quest 2. I'm an Architect and I use the Oculus to present my projects to our clients. Since a little while ago a very thin black line showed up. The black line wasn't there when I first g...

com.oculus.shellenv-20210320-171432.jpg com.oculus.shellenv-20210320-171434.jpg com.oculus.shellenv-20210320-171445.jpg com.oculus.shellenv-20210320-171446.jpg

Oculus link not working on Oculus Quest 2

I opened up the brand new oculus quest 2 today with the brand new oculus link and it barely works. I have checked multiple times prior that my laptop is more than capable of handling the link so it must be a problem on oculus's side? It took me hours...

Rasskar by Level 2
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Wheres my menu?

Hello! I have the oculus quest 2 and when I was installing and preparing the play zone. When i finished configuring it gets stuck in some place with bubbles and I cant acces the menu or advance in any way. Is there anything I am missing? Is this comm...

Customer Service??

Kinda at a loss for words. I have had a bad headset for some time now and have not heard back from Oculus support for 16 days now. What does everyone recommend? I've been without a headset for 16 days and I am unable to use it. It's been 8 days since...

Knock knock feature

We need some kind of way for someone from outside the headset to be able to get the attention of the person inside, without having to tap their shoulder or something. I think a good feature could be Facebook Chat displays a notification in front of t...

PattSW by Level 2
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