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Oculus link rtx 3060 12g

I just installed an rtx 3060 12g, updated oculus quest 2 and oculus pc app and now my pc crashes whenever I enable oculus link. Oculus 2 software version and pc app version do not match, pc app is higher version. Not sure how to fix it. I got lucky ...

Resolved! Audio crackling

Hi,I am getting an odd issue, not sure if it’s my headset or what. I have a quest, and when I am using the link, the speakers are crackling when playing games with a lot of audio sources (such as beat sabre when a lot of notes are coming in). It does...

Aralon by Level 3
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USB cable connectivity

I bought a Union Native USB cable type C to type A bit it doesn't say 3.0 as recomm. The tech at best buy says it will work on connecting the Quest 2 to my laptop but we can't seem to get it to work. My granddaughter wants to play Roblox thru the VR ...

Resolved! Switching over to the Oculus 2

Okay I just got my Oculus Quest 2 and I'm wanting to give my Wife my quest 1. My question is, how do I move my account and all of my games over to the quest 2, so that my Wife can create her own account with the quest 1? Also, yes I know she will hav...

DeCobra by Level 2
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Game Installation

Hey All,Just got an Oculus Quest 2 and love it, or hope to.First game I got is Onward, First Person Shooter.Downloading this game directly to the headset is just not happening.Its been going all night. Stops and starts, wifi on and off, it's just not...

reb0101 by Level 2
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I need help.

Lately I have been having problems with my Oculus Quest Right Controller. At first the tracking stopped working. So I tried everything I could. I even bought a new controller. And whenever I use my new Controller it doesn't work. I have tried to unpa...

Forgot m

So I tried the forgot pattern option and ya when I use my phone to do what the instructions say to do it does not help. Can anyone please help??

Crackling noise while quest 2 is asleep

Since I got my device a few months ago I've noticed that it makes some crackling noises while it is charging. It is technically in "sleep" mode, and the sounds seems to be coming out of the speakers. Everything is working fine, the device is fine exc...

Dac_ by Level 2
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Oculus LINK and QUILL

Has anybody used QUILL on the Oculus Quest with Link ? Has there been any performance issues ? Lag ? Crash ? Overall usage problems? compared to RIft S ? Is the Quest's refresh rate an issue with a tool such as Quill?Inversely has there been any Posi...

Oculus Quest 2

So, I was wondering if my Razer Huntman Mini Usb to USB C would work on my oculus quest to play games. I’ve always wanted to try but never knew if that worked

Kxyro by Level 2
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Library Management

I know you can select All Installed, etc. But what I want is to be able to delete the listing completely from the library (like demo games I tried, free games I ended up not liking, etc.). If that is not possible, give us a way to Favorite games AND ...

OCULUS Link Broken in V26

Just tried to use Oculus Link with v26 now I get aggressive stutters and it is completely unplayable. These are even visible in the home environment and the render window for games.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Will I still be able to access my games

Hello so this morning a Facebook robot deemed it fit to ban me for 30 days from posting on my Facebook account without the option to appeal i haven’t yet had the chance to turn my quest 2 on to see if I a able to access any of my games that I have pa...

Quest two link

So I connected my quest two to my pc with the link cable and I checked the vr ready test to see if my computer was ready and it said it was and when I am in the lobby it is running very smooth and then when I load into a game like beat saber or echo ...