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Oculus link has stopped working

So i have recently just tried linking my quest one to my pc, when I click start Oculus Link it gives me a prompt saying "Oculus Link has stopped working" this happens over and over. I have even tried switching cables, I've read online for hours and f...

aidenskii by Honored Guest
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Stationary mode

Can you play games in stationary mode like job simulator etc, or walk with thumbstick in stationary mode? Looking to get it for my daughter but we haven't the space to walk around.Or how do you want in stationary mode in game?

vr regatta

I have recently changed from rift touch to quest 2 link and I am having issues with the vr regatta races lagging. The response is poor when making course changes causing me to have poorer performance. I don't have the same issues with the pleasure tr...

Credit Card issues

I can use my credit card to purchase on the oculus store(phone,VR or PC),they rejected my card but my card work everywhere(PSN,Amazon)what's going on?? it's look like a issue since 2017....what can i do????

SadSow by Honored Guest
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Shoppy sound and frame lag Oculus Link

Hi when I launch a program with Oculus link the sound i shoppy and I get frame locks/lags from time to time. I played Half Life Alyx before christmas without any issues and now its not working like before. I think it has something to do with the vide...

Game won't download

Help!I recently purchased a OQ link cable for my Ibuypower PC and none of my old games that I previously downloaded were on the Oculus link. Am I doing something wrong here?

Help!!! Game Apps and OC2

I’m new to VR. I downloaded FITXR and ELEVEN. they both are installed, but when I launch them they won’t let me go further. when I launch ELEVEN - it won’t go past the select language screen. It will highlight “English” but when I try to select it - ...

ttshelton by Honored Guest
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Passthrough shortcut does not work

Guys I wanted to try the new experimental function "Passthrough shortcut" but it does not work.My Quest is on firmware v15. I read on Reddit that many people have that problem.Anyone has got a solution or has the same problem?Thanks!

ATP-Flo by Expert Protege
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Connecting to PC

My pc won't recognize the quest 2. Using a 3.0 cable into a 3.0 port, the pc sometimes shows the quest but the headset never sees the pc. How do I connect them?

Oculus not replying to emails?

hello all, I've recently bought a quest 2 since I didn't like my rift. I noticed there are big lags in steam VR which can be fixed by changing the priority of OVRServer_x64.exe to above normal or high, that being said I still run into issues and have...

Lt.Anony by Honored Guest
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Fitness tracker

I can't access the health and fitness tracker on the quest 2 to remove the little tracker panel and increase my calorie burn goal, I've already tried combing through the settings tabs and there's nothing on the app about it so now that little panel i...

V1CT0R99 by Honored Guest
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blurred vision

Hi new to VR got the oculus quest 2 after having ago on a friends any how my issue is blurred vision does not matter which I P D setting i use however if i pull the mask slightly forward about half inch PERFECT but have to hold mask in that position ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Green screen

So turned on my quest 2 and the hub area was green. Like a filter. All worked but green. Hard reset fixes it. First time. Hopefully last time. Newish unit with little usage. Worried it will happen again. I have googled the issue and looked on her and...

Winzen by Honored Guest
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Oculus Feature Request

I have many friends and family that are now getting into VR. And Because, Covid, Using VR is now more viable. However, Many of my Friends and family are Not Full time Gamers, they want the Social connectivity, but don't know how to do alot of things....