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Oculus Quest cant connect to pc

So I've been wanting to play this VR game on Roblox (don't ask lmao). I got a USB-C to connect on amazon but it wasn't by Oculus. I'm trying to connect it, I tried for two days so far and it isn't working. I restarted my PC and my Oculus Quest and wh...

Not all items in my order

I ordered two Quest 2 Elite Straps. When my order arrived there was only one (both straps had the same tracking number and the box the one came in was labeled box 1 of 1). I opened a ticket with Oculus support 7 days ago. I have not heard anything fr...

tap50 by Level 2
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Unable to connect to Sidequest Please help

Really frustrating. I have Sidequest but it will not detect my Quest 2. I have seen videos on YouTube how to do this and they say you need to activate developer mode. But there is NO option to this in the desktop Oculus App settings? I have uninstall...

Internet Connexion issues

Hello guys,From several months ago, I can't reach the Store on my Oculus Quest, which is connected to my wifi (and recently in 5Ghz), because of "no internet". I already try to reboot my router, connected my phone with my headset with the App, in vai...


so i purchased a "frankenstein" kit + vive das and after some fiddling around to get things to attach correctly / securely it's a great upgrade over the oq2 stock strap... the thing is the headphone cups on the vive strap don't seem to position corre...

I would kill for a split-level Guardian!

I love the Guardian features. I can stomp around our playspace with confidence. One thing I'd love to have is a split-level Guardian system. I have no idea how they'd implement it but I'd love it. Many of us have sofas and things around our play spac...

Oculus Quest Unstable Connection

I am trying to connect my Oculus Quest with the PC for developing project using Unity. However, I have been unable to connect it. I have tried connecting using the default cable that comes with the Oculus Quest and also the Oculus Link but it doesn't...

I have problem

hello I would really like someone to help me with a problem with the oculus link I am on quest 1 when I am in link on fpsvr on Steamvr it tells me that I am at 72fps but the fluidity is not there I have the impression of being at 30hz I deleted the o...

jyez6 by Level 3
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How do I hide apps???

I want to hide some apps on the Quest 2 so they don’t show up in the App Library or in the recent list. How do I do that? Alternatively is it possible to password protect or add a PIN for certain apps?

Quest Link stops working

My Quest Link regularly stops working. The Cable is a USB c 3.1 high speed. It usually works fine but then stops working for no apparent reason. The only thing that seems to fix it is to open my laptop (which means removing 7 screws), disconnecting t...

App sharing

Hi. App sharing started yesterday for Oculus Quest 2. I’ve added additional accounts but there are a limited number of apps available to them. For example, I have Beat Saber and Population One on my main account but there is no sign of it when logged...

Problems Since Firmware update

Ive been having multiple issues since the update, the home environment is very stuttery now and seems to drop framerate. Artifacts of light appear between textures kinda like in a game that isnt running well. The tracking seems to be having issues, f...

Resolved! My Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap broke

As the title says, my Quest 2 Elite Strap broke while I was playing Beat Saber over a month ago, but only since 2 days ago I started hearing that I could get a refund, or another better quality strap as warranty; am I still in the warranty window? I ...

Hello Puppet!

This game looks really fun and scary but, I saw that it is only compatible with the rift. Can we please convince oculus to make the game also compatible to those who were unfortunate enough to receive the quest.

Cc_exe_ by Level 2
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