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no headset detected

microsoft flight simulator 2020 in VR mode with link cable does not recognize headset. I heard there is a thread out there for WMR headsets that solves this problem? Please help,

J-1271Dub by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link lag

I've started using Oculus Link with my Quest 2 recently, but the frame rate was like five fps. This problem only happens whenever I'm not using SteamVR. Even if I am using SteamVR, it's laggier than when I used my link on another PC with lower perfor...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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PC connection

HI. Please can you tell is oculus Quest 2 will connect on my PC?HP Pavilion 27-d0010na All-in-One Desktop PC, Intel Core i7 Processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD. ,I have a message that my graphic system is incompatible ( I have Intel UHD graphic 630 driver...

Onward Graphics

I see people post videos on YouTube that have amazing graphics for the game Onward. Is there a way to get this with the Oculus 2 and Steam, or do I need to get the Rift?

Advice please on wireless streaming

Hi Guys, some advice please on if I've bought the wrong hardware for low latency wifi streaming via Virtual Desktop.This really is a case of learning on the go, so if you could help feed into my education that'd be grand.I'm based in the UK, currentl...

link problems

why doesn't my pc let me play on vr games with a link cable but it says that my pc needs to be connected with a link cable which is what i did???

Black Screen.

Hello I'm having trouble with my oculus Quest. I restarted my Oculus Quest and since I have a black screen .... There is the Oculus logo at startup and 3 small loading points but then black screen. I noticed that the front sensor does not work anymor...

guyome41 by Honored Guest
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Motion blur

When I'm in the main menu of Oculus, It blurs when I move my head, when I stay still it's fine. I've seen it happen in games too but not all.

Transfer of Games from Quest 2 to PC

So I recently bought Onward on the Headset itself, How would I go about Downloading Onward onto my PC, I go to the library and the only things that show up are the games I have already downloaded to my PC(Free ones). Even if I have the Quest 2 connec...

Oculus link will not work on my quest 2

When I plug the cable in both in the pc and the oculus quest 2, The PC knows it been connected but the oculus app still won't connect. All it's doing is spinning around waiting for it to be connected when its already has. This is the second cable I u...

Oculus quest 2 keeps resetting

I have done a master rest I just bought it from microcenter it’s been only 6 day and they are saying COVID return policy they can’t take it back or exchange it and it’s not been 15 daysbut they forgot I just spent $8562 on gaming pc’s Cash if I can’t...

K_S_T_Q1 by Honored Guest
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I have been trying for hours to connect my oculus quest to sidequest to no avail. I have made sure the developer toggle in on. Ive made sure I had all the drivers from the oculus site. Ive restarted things, uninstalled and reinstalled, I am beating m...

RoosaRoo by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 and Steam compatibility

Okay, so I'm new to VR and are looking to buy my first VR headset. And I'm looking at what kind of games you can play with different headsets and on Steam, most games are supported by "Oculus Rift". But I've read that Quest 2 now supports Rift-games ...

Hugoxl99 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable

I just bought an Oculus Quest 2 and a link cable. The link cable is USB-C from the Oculus to a USB. I plugged the USB into my tv UBS port and the tv recognizes that I plugged in the Oculus Quest 2, but it won't show what the headset is showing. The t...

Improving oculus Link Performance?

Been trying out my new PC with a quest 2 / link cable. Half Life Alyx appears to be the most problematic. I appear to meet the recommended specs, though I appreciate the quest 2 is more processor intensive. It started off running quite well at 90hz, ...