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Improving oculus Link Performance?

Been trying out my new PC with a quest 2 / link cable. Half Life Alyx appears to be the most problematic. I appear to meet the recommended specs, though I appreciate the quest 2 is more processor intensive. It started off running quite well at 90hz, ...

Can not access wishlist for my account

For the last month I have been trying to access my wishlist from my headset, my app, and the oculus website and can not do so. On the website I get an error that says "we encountered and error and are trying to fix it" my app just says "no apps found...

JettAE by Level 2
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link cable confusion

Ive been using alvr since pretty-much day one on the quest and I love it, mostly been playing racing games and shooters and its been a great experience once you set it all up properly so obviously im keen to get the oculus link working as soon as pos...

Oculus Quest 2/Link Issue

So I haven't seen this problem anywhere. I'm trying to use the Oculus Quest on my Flight Simulator. My PC is compatible. My Cable is compatible. The versions of my Oculus Desktop App and Quest OS are compatible. But when I try to enable the Link, The...

Elite dangerous OVR problems

Can anyone playing ED and successfully using an OVR solution on Quest2 seamlessly without problems share their setup and how they launch?I'm currently running OVR Toolkit, Virtual Desktop (to do wireless PC) so I am forced to launch through Steam.Hav...

Quest 2 - How to disable Guardian?

Hi all, Not posted on here in a long time. I've been enjoying my Quest 2 past couple of days but I can't for the life of me work out how to disable Guardian!!!Please can someone help explain how to do this?I've looked online and I already worked out ...

Total Noob!

I just picked up the Quest 2 for flight sims and racing sims. I've updated the software. I have it hooked up to my PC via link. I have the Oculus app on my PC. I'm having big trouble and can't figure out why VR isn't working properly. My PC specs are...

Mic and PC

Why is the mic not plug and play with Oculus Link? Why do I have to jump through hoops that only work 60% of the time to have a basic function actually function? Please make this a priority.

Oculus Link Issues & HL: Alyx

Hello,Quest 2 with Official Oculus Link cable. PC has 32GB Memory, Core i7 9th Gen, Nvidia RTX2060, 512GB SSD, USB-C 3.2/Thunderbolt 3. With HL: Alyx, sometimes it runs great and other time it is slow, laggy, and stuttering. Sometimes if I reload my ...

Magnetic USB C

Looking for a magnetic USB C cable form my Quest 2 can anyone recommend one from Amazon, IV bought 2 so far and the magnets are really weakThanks in advance

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